‘Consciously designed landscapes which mimic the patterns and relationships found in nature, while yielding an abundance of food, fibre and energy for provision of local needs’ David Holmgren, Co-creator of Permaculture


The principles of earth care, people care and fair share underpin permaculture

Permaculture is a design system that replicates natural systems and extends them to create a healthy ecology. A permaculture approach can be applied to an urban or rural setting.

Building on existing systems and resources in your yard makes you a beneficial part of the environment, a part of the system that gives rather than takes.

Take soil as an example of permaculture. Do you want to use synthetic fertilisers and pesticides that damage the eco-system and degrade the soil? Or build healthy soil using natural inputs to encourage bio-diversity and create a thriving eco-system?

Permaculture began in Australia in the 1970s and the concept has been adopted around the globe. It allows us to live at peace with the world around us. Incorporating permaculture into your life contributes to social change and helps create a brighter future.

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What is permaculture design?

permaculture garden

Permaculture design creates an environment that is both beautiful and functional

Your permaculture design is a starting point, a map for the future and daily inspiration. Sustainability, natural landscaping and edible gardening come together to create a move toward conscious living and reduce your carbon footprint.

Permaculture design goes beyond annual vegetable beds to integrate food into the whole garden. It takes into consideration the resources available to you from the elements in your surroundings. The idea of creating a sustainable home and growing your own food have never been more popular.

Permaculture design is the first step in creating a nourishing, enjoyable garden with the added benefit of growing your own food. It is a powerful tool for identifying options to maximise the space and resources available on your block. The aspect of your home, available sun and water, climate and other factors all play a part in the plan.

Elements of the concept design can be implemented all at once or at a pace that suits you. When putting together the concept design we take into consideration your time, budget, plans and goals along with the environment of your home.

Adrian’s experience and fresh perspective, combined with your hopes and dreams, come together to create a valuable reference for your garden as is evolves. You can use the concept design to guide you or employ a landscaper to bring it to fruition quickly.

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