How to fix a smelly sourdough starter + a basic bread recipe

smelly sourdough starter

The aroma of an unhealthy sourdough starter is enough to turn your stomach. I have to admit that there were moments when things didn’t look too good for our starter.  With a bit of extra attention though we worked through it together. It’s not too late to turn things around if your starter isn’t behaving […]

How to make a sourdough starter (trust me, it’s worth it)

by Amanda Volpatti
sourdough loaf

Have you ever wondered how to make a sourdough starter? Meet Loulie, the sourdough starter. She’s been a member of our family for over four years now. Creating a sourdough starter was something I procrastinated about for months and I remember being nervous about the process. I’m so glad I decided to give it a […]

The simplest Almond Milk recipe

by Amanda Volpatti
Almond milk recipe

The cooler mornings mean porridge in our house and that means Almond Milk is required. Luckily, making Almond Milk is quick and easy. Here is my super simple Almond Milk recipe.

What’s the problem with plastic?

by Amanda Volpatti
problem with plastic waste

Did you know that plastic makes up nearly 1/3 of the litter picked up during Clean Up Australia Day? It has infiltrated every corner of our lives. We all know it’s not ideal but what’s the problem with plastic waste? What’s the problem with plastic? Living in an area surrounded by bush, beach, and river […]

What is the difference between permaculture design and landscape design?

by Amanda Volpatti
what is the difference between permaculture design and landscape design

‘What is the difference between permaculture design and landscape design?’ is a common question when people are first developing an understanding of permaculture design. It’s a good question! Permaculture design goes deeper than landscape design. While both seek to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing environment, permaculture design thinks beyond the boundaries of your block. […]