Home grown food zucchinniHome grown food has so many benefits – it’s hard to know where to start. The simplest reason is because fresh, home grown fruit and vegetables taste awesome. Here’s a few other reasons to get you thinking…

High quality produce: Home grown food is fresher and has a higher nutritional value than what is available in the supermarkets. Home grown food is picked at the optimum ripeness and can be grown without adding harmful pesticides or synthetic fertilisers. Growing your own food allows you to increase the nutritional profile of your food by feeding the soil.

Cost: You can eat organic produce every day for a fraction of the cost of bought organic produce. After the initial cost of setting up vegetable beds home grown food tends to be is cheaper than conventional produce. Why pay money for second rate food when a small investment of time gives you the best quality at your fingertips?

Environmental footprint: Home grown food requires less water than commercially grown food. It doesn’t need to be transported from farm, to distributor, to shop, to your home. There is no refrigeration required when food comes straight from the garden to your plate.

Diversity: Why stick with the limited variety of fruit and veg available in the shops? Growing your own food means you can be part of saving a diverse range of species by planting heirloom varieties or trying something new.

Connections: Connect with the source of your food and gain an appreciation for where it comes from. Encourage the kids to eat a wider range of fruit and vegetables by letting them take ownership of growing it.

Seasonal bounty: Eating seasonally encourages an appreciation for foods eaten at their best. Because you have to wait for the food you desire to be ripe and in season anticipation makes it so much sweeter.

Aesthetics: The colour green is easy on the eye. A beautiful, greenery filled edible garden is enjoyable to look at and promotes relaxation.

Rewarding: Nurturing a plant from seedling to harvest brings a real sense of achievement. It is only natural that you will take pride in serving your family food that is freshly picked from your own garden.

Food security: Growing your own food means that a safe food source is available and accessible to your family.

Let us get you started with your own awesome home grown food!